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What started as a desire to sail the islands has turned into something a little more meaningful. After inviting a friend to join me, he suggested that we take this opportunity and help the environment by spending some time collecting plastics from above and below the surface. Wanting our friends to visit, I decided to get a four cabin catamaran and name her Nova Satus, Latin for “New Beginnings”. Now our plan is to sail the islands of the Caribbean, with our friends joining us when they can, and experience everything the islands have to offer. Along the way, we'll help save marine life... one beach at a time.

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.

- Steve Jobs

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Boat Details

2011 Fountaine Puegot Orana

Length 44’ (13.4m), Beam 24’ (7.3m)

Draft 4’ (1.2m)

4 Cabin, 4 Head

2 Each, 30 HP Volvo Inboards


The Crew

Stan Jones

Stan Jones

Stan's love of the ocean started as a child during the annual family vacations to Myrtle Beach. He learned to sail during college, taking Hobiecats out on Woodlake in Virginia where his brother lived. He began scuba diving in the 90's and became a certified rescue diver in 2006. In 2011 he took a sailing vacation to the BVI that would set his life on the path he's on now. Upon his return he began ASA sailing classes completing the 101, 103, 104, and 114 that would give him the experience he needed for this new adventure. As for his work life, Stan worked in call centers since 1992 and he slowly climbed the ranks until he was able to quit for good in February of 2018. Now, finally, he lives where he once vacationed!

Don Rissling

Don ‘no ZZZs’ Rissling

Don’s love for the ocean began as a child during family camping and boating trips along the coastlines of New England and west, central Florida. In 2004 after many years in Arizona, Don decided to relocate to Miami, Florida to continue his career in construction engineering. During this time he obtained a dolphin rescue & NAUI certification diving the FL keys and later the British Virgin Islands. In August of 2018, Don quit another non-rewarding, hum-drum, ‘Frapp Friday’ corporate job to join svNovaSatus to “save marine wildlife, one beach at a ‘full’time!”

The Story

Stan Looking at Sunset

I was where many are now - trading each day of my life for money in an attempt to live a life I didn't have time for. It’s not that the work was difficult, it’s that it wasn't rewarding; and somehow trading 49 weeks of my life to be able to "vacation" for 3 seemed like a terrible trade off. So... I decided to make a change.

I bought a catamaran and told my adventurous friend Don, who was also in a repetitive, non-fulfilling job, that he was invited to come along as I sailed the Caribbean and beyond. He said "Yes!" right away on one condition: We give back.

Don proposed that on each island we visited we take time to help conservation efforts by picking up plastic and trash off its beaches and reefs. The idea inspired me right away! This was it! We now had a path that would not only help fulfill our lives but also be of value to others, specifically marine life!

So having bought the catamaran, I refitted it for our adventure and set sail for the islands! We invite you to be a part of this, too, by following along as we help save marine life one beach at a time!


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